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Ambalama’s Story

Tropical luxury villas designed to feel like your home

Ambalama is a Sinhalese (an ethnic group native to Sri Lanka) word that translates into ‘a welcoming resting place for weary travellers and pilgrims’. After many years of living in Asia, Chris Kidd, has a vision to create a 21st century interpretation of the word “Ambalama” that centered around reconnecting with one’s self.

In order for guests to truly relax, Chris knew he couldn’t simply create tropical luxury villas – he had to create spaces that felt like homes. Every detail was taken into account to allow guests to rest and recharge—from the design of the villa to the interior furnishings, staffing and the guest liaison. Chris also knew the importance of connecting with his guests directly, which is why he continues to actively manage the business.

In 2006, Ambalama Sri Lanka was opened and its success led to the opening of Ambalama Bali in 2014. With over a decade of experience and an eye for detail, many of our guests return regularly to what they consider as their “home away from home.” Please read our Tripadvisor reviews for Sri Lanka and Bali to see more guest feedback.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or +65 6598158960

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“Often you take a holiday, but you don’t have a chance to truly relax. I want guests to feel like they’re home so they can fully recharge while experiencing a wonderful culture.”

— Chris Kidd, Owner


Tripadvisor Reviews

Visited this place on a fine Nov weekend for both our friends' 60th and 40th birthday. The place is fab and lovely, it's so perfect for private events and family gathering. I love the ambiance of the villa, very welcoming, it's everything you need for a great weekend with good friends. All pics and things are as they were advertised. What you see is what you truly get. Staff were very attentive and ready with a big smile. During the day, if you're lucky, you can even see the most romantic and spectacular sunset descending over a sea of clouds.
Oliver, SingaporeStayed November 2016 (Sri Lanka)
If you want to get away from the city and enjoy the tranquility and sound of nature, you must come to Ambalama Bali. Surrounded by paddi fields and greenery, it really calms my mind. Feel so good to be here. Another plus point is the team of Ambalama is so friendly and attentive. The chef is really fantastic. Every meals we have were scrumptious and amazing. Love this place!!!
Diego CStayed March 2017 (Bali)
What Can I say: beautifully carved architecture combined with spot-on staff service! Tranquility at it's best! The villa is so beautiful and functional. Provides privacy when you need and at the same time, lots of space for you to hang out with your loved ones. I couldn't praise enough this place. I so much loved my time here that I'll will be coming back in a months time.
DindaStayed February 2017 (Bali)